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Finding Kate's greatest asset is undoubtedly vocal power. Whether this can be put down to her childhood background in musical theatre, her Greco-Australian flare, or something entirely different, the fact is, very few leave a Finding Kate show uncertain of this. And that’s a pretty good virtue when you are competing against hard hitting drums, heavy bass and distortion guitars (although there is plenty of softness in-between).

Dark and heavy sounds supporting vocal melodies which standing alone could almost be from any popular genre, are the key features of her debut album “If I Fall”. After growing experience and appearances in a multitude of U.K. venues and festivals, Finding Kate’s 2 singles ‘Get Over You’ and ‘Forever’ gained extensive play on Kerrang! Radio and Kerrang! TV. The album also received many positive reviews from magazines such as Musicology, Black Velvet and AltCorner who characterised it as "an album full of punchy rock melodies, a lot of feelings and a good measure of sass”.

2 years after the release of ‘If I Fall’ Finding Kate has found herself writing new material which is being arranged & produced by Chris Charalambides at Soundscape Studios in Cyprus. Judging by the outcome of the first album which saw them collaborating successfully there is no doubt that her new music will truly be a cut above - and aimed at a worldwide audience.

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Finding Kate - Gone (Live Studio Session)

Hey guys, I'm really excited to show you a live video of my track "Gone". It's been almost 2 years since "If I Fall" was released so I thought I should release something a little different.

Thank you for supporting my journey so far :)

2018 Watch Now

Finding Kate - Did It Again (Live at Gibson Showroom)

Finding Kate performs a stripped back version of “Did It Again” at the Gibson showroom in London.

“Did It Again” from the debut album “If I Fall”

2018 Watch Now

Finding Kate - Semper Fi (Live)

Finding Kate LIVE at Ravens Music Hall - Cyprus 2017

“Semper Fi” from the debut album “If I Fall”

2017 Watch Now

Finding Kate - Drowning (Live Studio Session)

Finding Kate - Drowning

Recorded live at Soundscape Studios, Cyprus

2017 Watch Now