Kill Thanatos


Kill Thanatos was originally formed as a cover band by two students at Sussex University (Elias Chrysochos & Aidan Jee).

Elias was born in London, raised in Cyprus, and then raised some more in London. Aidan hailed from the mighty Essex.

After they both quit the whole uni thing, Elias kept the band name and decided to start recording and producing originals.

He got in touch with producer Chris Cara, who convinced him to record ‘Carry Your Cross’ at Soundscape Studios in Cyprus.

When they entered the studio, the song was 7 minutes long. By the time the process had finished, Carry Your Cross stood at 20 minutes long… and Chris stood pissed off.

Nevertheless, Kill Thanatos came of age.

As a sound, you’d have to identify KT as a metal band - because in it’s most brutal state, that’s what it is. But not only.

There’s no dubstep or double-time swing. But there are ballads, alternative rock sounds, metalcore, as well as a more classic vibe. If you listen hard enough, you can even hear some Bon Jovi...

Finally, the name.

The Greek speakers of the world will know that Thanatos means ‘death’. Not pleasant. Equally, Kill is not particularly nice either. But putting the two words together actually implies the will to live.

And the lyrics and themes of most songs are in line with this - retaining hope through harsh conditions.


  • Classic Rock
  • Heavy Metal

Kill Thanatos
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Elias Chrysochos


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Kill Thanatos - Subconscious

Subconscious' available to purchase/stream here

Written & Produced by Elias Chrysochos
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Cara at Soundscape Studios
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis at The Workshop

Artwork by Alexandros Papantoniou
Video by evproductions_ (Fiverr)

2020 Watch Now

Kill Thanatos - Brother Lost

Produced by Elias Chrysochos and Chris Cara
Written by Elias Chrysochos
Featuring Marcos Economides on Drums
Engineered & Recorded by Chris Cara at Soundscape Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Zeuss

Video by Artonstudios (Fiverr), Kutayden (Fiverr) and Elias Chrysochos
Artwork by MySellerTop (Fiverr)

2019 Watch Now

Kill Thanatos - Wake Myself

Written and Produced by Elias Chrysochos
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Charalambides (Soundscape Studios)
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis (Sterling Sound)

Video and Artwork by Goonzi (12 Inch Media) and MySellerTop (Fiverr) respectively.

All Rights Reserved © Elias Chrysochos 2017

2017 Watch Now