Ravens Reign

About us

Ravens Reign band is a labor of love. Love for music, love for brotherhood, love for the Blues and Rock.

Ravens Reign is manned by Pavlos Gregoras on Vocals, Stephanos Demetriades on Bass, Danny Iacovou on the Electric Guitars and Nickolas Filippou on Drums. Each one of these four band members bring with him his own touch, his own music experience, be it the Blues, Jazz, Rock or even Funk. This fact made things even better while forming this band from nowhere, and helped turning it into an explosive tour de force, a whirlwind of music celebration of the Blues and the finest of Rock!

Ravens Reign band is here to explore and indeed test the limits of what is possible with regards to its members music making abilities, while showing total respect to the forefathers of Blues and Rock music Universe!

Ravens Reign is ready to embark on a beautiful, creative musical journey with you! Our fans love and devotion is our rocket fuel. So let us take you with us on this journey! Sky is the limit!

Exactly where the Ravens Reign!!!!


  • Blues Rock
  • Classic Rock

Ravens Reign
Cover Artist / Band
Nicosia , Nicosia

+357 99 649545


The band

Pavlos Gregoras


Pavlos Gregoras
Stephanos Demetriades


Stephanos Demetriades
Danny Iacovou

Electric Guitar

Danny Iacovou
Nickolas Filippou


Nickolas Filippou


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Let me love you baby - Stevie Ray Vaughan (cover) by Ravens Reign

First time playing this song in Sarama Blues Festival in Pafos.

2018 Watch Now

Mistreated - Deep Purple (cover) by Ravens Reign @ Sarama Blues Festival

Ravens Reign line up:
Pavlos Gregoras (Vocals)
Nickolas Filippou (Drums)
Stefanos Demetriades (Bass)
Dannys Iacovou (guitar)

A live version of Mistreated by Deep Purple in Sarama blues festival

2018 Watch Now