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We are probably the only traditional Coffee Shop in the world, with so many Craft Beers for you to choose from!

We specialize in Artisan Craft Beers that will make your taste buds explode. Our Craft Beer collection is extraordinary memorable. We want you to get away from the ordinary, we want you to taste something different everyday. Our Shop's Beer collection will exceed any expectation.

Our staff will guide you through, to find the most suitable Beer taste for you. Our goal is to introduce you to epic Beer tastes that you didn't even know existed!

Genethliou Mitella 34
3036 Limassol , Limassol

+357 99759689




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TheFullPint 2019 in Kafeney, Limassol

Octo microbrewery view of THE FULL PINT home-brew festival in Limassol 2019.

In Kafeney bar. Thank you Alkis and thank you all home brewers of Cyprus.

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