Nocturne Art House - CLOSED

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Uncompromising, and compelling, Nocturne is a creative workshop specializing in everything that is avant-garde, Gothic, and Outsider. Producing the finest works in fine art, graphics, design and anti-fashion with an unorthodox, and rebellious punk rock ethic and attitude.

Nocturne Art House - CLOSED
Art Gallery
33 Stoa Lanitis
Agora Anexartisias
3036 Limassol , Limassol

+357 99 917479



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Pablo the Punk Artist

Sitting somewhere unconventionally between gestural abstraction, Francis Bacon, and HR Giger, Pablo’s work reveals the inner-most architecture of the psyche. Hybrid portraiture, creatures and humanoids emerging from shadows and ethereal landscapes - subliminal. exotic. exquisite. A true avant garde! The anti-philosopher punk artist, and existential revolutionary who reaches for the core of authenticity - witness the unfathomable and eternal imagination!

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